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Family in Airport

Report an Absence

For safety reasons, we ask that you fill out this form when your child is or is going to be absent. Thank you!



If a child has symptoms which indicate that they have a contagious illness or disease, the child should not attend RHA.

Please review the Parent Guidebook HERE for details on our General Illness Policies.


Family-Related Absence

We ask to be notified in this area as this affects the child's emotional needs and will help the guide's be more in tune and able to help during the process.


Medical Appointment

We understand that dental and medical appointments are necessary. Please just let us know if your child is going to be absent all or just part of the day so our guides may be prepared.



At RHA, we encourage families to take trips and have experiences together.  Our curriculum is designed for the individual so the child will continue where they left off when they return.

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