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Diane Owens - Assistant Guide

I would say my greatest accomplishment is raising seven children and remaining somewhat sane. After being a full time domestic engineer for twenty-five years, divorce forced me into the work force. Because of my love for the Montessori concepts and knowing there were better alternatives to public school I started training to be a Montessori teacher. After nine months, I was frustrated with the rigidness of the school and the focus on income instead of the children. My disappointment led me to think maybe I needed more adult interaction for awhile. Since I have always been interested in health, nutrition and alternative healing I decided to get my massage therapy license. I loved doing massage and making people feel better physically and emotionally. After a few years of massage and other odd jobs, the strain on my physical body forced me to retire from that line of work.

I was hired 5 years ago at Growing Light Montessori and after just a few weeks, knew my greatest love was working with children. I am still there until the end of the school year. It has been a great experience and the ladies I work with are exceptional.

I am so excited to see Rising Heights Academy coming to our community, giving parents an alternative to public school and children more opportunity to focus on their interests. I feel it a privilege to be a part of it!


Diane Owens - Assistant Guide
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